Happy Birthday Dad! Part I

I was lucky enough to have my Dad in town for his birthday last week. He and my Mom came down for a quick visit after a wedding in Connecticut over the weekend. Mr. T’s parents joined us for a fun dinner Sunday of mussels and beers at BXL and then Monday it was time to celebrate my Dad! It was a cold and rainy day in the city for sightseeing so what better to do then go for a relaxing fabulous lunch!

Café Sabarsky is one of the two places in the city my father loves to eat at. We got there right around 12:00 pm and the place was packed but we were the first in line. After about a half hour wait, the line now snaking around the gallery, we were seated at a beautiful table overlooking Central Park.

I was off for the day and about to consume sausage so a beer was in order. I had an old favorite the Franziskaner Weisse.

Mr. T and I visited this brewery in Munich and loved it! It’s the perfect thick, malty brew for what I was about to eat.

This is the Weisswurst mit Brezen & Handelmaier. Basically a white Bavarian sausage served with a warm pretzel and Handelmaier’s mustard. The sausage was magnificent- it literally bursted with hot juices when I sliced into the snappy case. This kind of sausage is always on the mild side which is where the mustard comes in.

Handelmaier’s mustard is the bomb! I’m so mad I never picked some up in Germany. It’s on the sweeter side, like a honey mustard, but it also has a slight spicy bite to the end. I love everything about it! I was happy as clam dipping my salty pretzel, juicy sausage and sweet mustard into perfect little snacky bites.

My father ordered a the Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut & Rostkartoffen. His Bratwurst was roasted so it also contained some great juicy goodness and snappy skin perfect for the pickled kraut. However I still enjoyed my mustard better with it than the Dijon. Apparently he did too and ended up getting a side for himself! Like father like daughter!

My Mom knew what was coming up next and played it safe with a small bowl of comforting goulash. She’s been to Café Sabarsky enough to know that the entrees are fabulous but the best part is the dessert!

Café Sabarsky has some of the loveliest mouth watering desserts in the world. Things that dreams are made of. It’s always a process for my father and I to order. First we read over the list, but then we must walk around to inspect each cake and discuss which one looks like the best for the day.

Today I went for an old favorite I’ve talked about before- Klimttorte.

An almost delicate slice of cake with alternating layers of chocolate and hazelnut cake enrobed in a rich chocolate icing. It’s such a smooth refined dessert it completes embodies everything Café Sabarsky is about.

You also can’t leave Café Sabarsky without trying some of their wonderful Viennese coffee. My espresso was just the icing on the cake so to say, that made my perfect meal complete. Ahhh what a wonderful day to while a rainy afternoon away. If only every day could be like this.


Anonymous said…
The food looks good, especially dessert! I was actually visiting the gallery yesterday and had a glance at the menu the day before. Would be going back, but for the food not the gallery.
Anonymous said…
Good Morning! We are so glad you enjoyed your visit! It always makes us happy to hear you left full of heart and full of belly! Many Happy Birthdays to you and your family and we hope to share in the celebrations with you again in the future!
Anonymous said…
I noticed on an earlier post that you were able to secure a reservation at bohemian. I myself was looking to make one but couldnt even figure out where to start. I was hoping you could help point me in the right direction of getting a reservation there.

Roze said…
No problem! What I did was email them and told them a little bit about myself and the date and time I would like to make a reservation. They got back to me within 2 days. Try the website below for email info.