Brunch at Dos Caminos

We ended up hitting up a ton of places after our Del Posto lunch- Brass monkey, The Standard, Cowgirl Café, Fat Cat, Grassroots… I’m not even kidding this list goes on and on. None of them are connected or make any sense. It was just a sporadic bar crawl around the city. The next day we chilled out a little more with brunch at Kittichai, some touring around and a great dinner of Indian food at Dhaba. Sunday we woke up and had one more opportunity for food before Christine’s plane. She loves Mexican food and I heartily agree. The nearest option was Dos Caminos in the pouring rain so we trekked quickly up there for brunch. How could we not have a great time- they have a complimentary prickly pear margaritas with brunch!

For my main I ordered the Machacado Breakfast tacos. They filled three huge soft taco shells with machaca style beef, scrambled eggs, salsa and Vermont cheddar cheese. This was so damn tasty it immediately entered into my top five brunch dishes. It had everything I want after an alcohol induced night out- oozy cheese to coat my stomach, fluffy eggs for protein and some salty beef to gnaw on and make me feel like a million bucks again. I couldn’t even touch the ridiculously huge portion of rice and beans on the side. There was so much food! I ended up taking about half of the dish home.

Mr. T ordered the breakfast quesadilla. I have to say this was also pretty good but not great. Whereas my dish had just the perfect amount of balance between meat, eggs and cheese, the quesadilla was ridiculously egg heavy. I couldn’t taste any of the other ingredients. The plate was enormous like my tacos, but the dish would have been better if they made it more like the size and shape of a regular quesadilla.

Now everything would have been all fine and dandy what with our tasty drinks and my awesome entrée but we had a few service issues. It was still early when we arrived- only about 12:30 and the place wasn’t even half full. However our waiter seemed to be still recovering from the night before because he was so slooow. He didn’t come over to say hello until about 10 minutes after we were seated. Then about 5 minutes later he came back to ask about guacamole. Then when we said no, we didn’t see him again for at least another 10 minutes. When he finally came back to take our drink order, he almost walked away again until I literally stopped him and said we wanted to order food as well.

Once our food order was placed, he brought the drinks quickly but then everything shut down. We waited for our food. And waited and waited. Finally a manger came over and told us there was a problem with one of our dishes. He mumbled something about slivered almonds being needed and wanting to serve all of the dishes together.

Hmm…It was pretty obvious we were all annoyed. Whose dish even had slivered almonds? Literally about 15 seconds later out came two dishes- mine and Mr. T’s. No sign of Christine’s anywhere. Now if you’re going to blame the wait on serving all the dishes at once- why don’t you wait?? It was another five full minutes before Christine’s arrived and guess what- no slivered almonds on the dish.

We had waited so long at this point we had all finished our drinks. When I finally flagged down our waiter to order another round he said to me “you know you’ll have to pay for these.” Okay things are getting pretty ridiculous at this point. Obviously we are going to pay you for our drinks but obviously it would be nice if you comped us maybe one for the horribly long wait and messed up dish. We had never been harsh to our waiter about the wait just annoyed and I thought this statement was plain rude.

This is not the way I would expect a B.R. Restaurant to run. So of course to add insult to injury our drinks took about 10 minutes more to arrive, our water wasn’t filled and we were more than annoyed at the end of our meal. So unfortunately I may not be having my top five best brunch entrée again for a while. The food was fantastic but the service really left a sour taste in my mouth.