Lunch at Ozu

I was having a serious sushi craving the other day at work. I was in Brooklyn Heights and my options there are quite limited. I decided to do a quick google search to see if anything new opened in the neighborhood when voila! A website for Ozu Japanese popped up! It had just opened and was only four blocks away. I grabbed the phone, placed an order and was back at my desk 15 minutes later with the lunch special.

They started me out with the traditional miso soup. Although this almost always accompanies a lunch special I have to say this soup was better than most. The broth had a ton of flavor without that greasy film on top you sometimes get.

For my rolls I ordered the spicy tuna and the yellowtail with scallion. These were both pretty good. The spicy tuna didn’t really have much spice, but there were some big pieces of tuna inside and I enjoyed the rice. The yellowtail was decent as well. I think I enjoyed this slightly better than Migita sushi but both are almost even.

Also included in the meal was your standard salad. I couldn’t even touch this. For only $8.00 I was stuffed.

The ambiance at Ozu was surprisingly nice. It seemed brand new, serene and a little chic. I could definitely see going there for a regular dinner one night. It’s not the kind of sushi that will blow you away but it’s pretty good for what you pay for.