Another Spectacular Meal at Gramercy Tavern

Have I told you how much I love Gramercy tavern before? I feel like I’m starting to sound like some sort of walking advertisement for the place but I truly can’t get enough of it. Last Thursday Mr. Trekker’s Mom was in the city and after her and I did some shopping we met up with Mr. T around 6:00. Since it was pretty early the tavern room was only about half full so we easily snagged a table for three.

I’ve been on a big oyster kick lately so I decided to start off with some as my appetizer.

These little guys Misty Point oysters from Virginia and they were softer than the Canadian oysters I usually order with a nice salty kick. I usually don’t use my cocktail sauce with oysters but it really complemented the briny flavor and smoothed it out.

Mother and son ordered the same appetizer- Sweetbreads with summer squash, shisito peppers and mushroom puree.

I love sweetbreads and Gramercy Tavern always puts together some of the best. They were delicately fried and given a nice summer spin with the crisp green squash and earthy mushroom puree.

For my main course I ordered the Bluefish with snap peas, leeks and olive-pine nut vinaigrette.

This was my first experience with Bluefish and I would have to say it was enjoyable. The fish itself was quite firm and had a slightly odd “sea” taste to it that I can’t really describe. I’m not sure if I would have loved the bluefish on it’s own but the salty sweet olive-pine nut vinaigrette really balanced out the “sea” flavor and brought the whole dish together.

Once again mother and son ordered the same Seafood & Saffron-Fennel Chowder Mussels and Celery.

This dish looks absolutely gorgeous! I loved the rich yellow color and it tasted just as creamy and delicious as it looked. The chowder was packed with big pieces of seafood and bold flavors of saffron and fennel.

I was planning to get my favorite Gramercy tavern dessert- the German Chocolate Cake- but we were all too full to move. Once again we had a fabulous meal with great food, wonderful ambiance and impeccable service. I’m so lucky to have this gem of a restaurant in my neighborhood.