Ed's Lobster Bar

On a random Monday night we decided last minute to meet up with some friends for dinner. After a few drinks at Sweet and Vicious we ambled our way over to Ed’s expecting a slow Monday night crowd. We were wrong.

Ed’s was packed! Who are all these people eating out on a Monday night? We put our name in and went next door for a drink while we waited. About 45 minutes later (and a good 15 minutes standing outside because they said our table was ready when it wasn’t) we finally got seated.

We were all starving at this point so we ordered a bunch of appetizers for the table. My favorite appetizer, and probably my favorite dish of the night was the Fried Oyster Sliders.

This was one of the specials that night and it was damn tasty. They fried up an oyster, wrapped in bacon and then topped it with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. A mini oyster BLT. What’s not to love!

These are the fried Ipswich clams. While I loved the fried oyster I did not love these. We had just had clam strips at Mermaid Oyster Bar two days before and they were fantastic! These little guys were clam bellies and I just didn’t enjoy the texture or flavor of them at all. Perhaps the belly is an acquired taste? I’m not sure. I wouldn’t order this again though. They tasted mealy and for $17 this dish was definitely on the small side.

The fried calamari was decent. The sauce was on the sweeter side and the rings were pretty crispy. Nothing special here- just a typical calamari dish.

For the main event I got a big ol’ bucket of steamers.

These guys were plump, juicy and delicious. There were so many I think I only got through about half the bucket before Mr. T had to take over for me.

Maybe that was because I had also been nibbling a little on his entrée the Lobster Roll.

This was a pretty good lobster roll I thought. It was definitely modeled after Pearl’s roll with a decent amount of mayonnaise and some fresh herbs and spices on top. The fries that came along with it were pretty good as well. They were a little thicker than I usually enjoy but they had a good crispy shell to them. At $27 this roll was around the same price as Pearl and while I did enjoy it, I think Pearl’s has more lobster meat and a more balanced flavor.

The other entrée of the night was the Lobster Pot Pie. I had a little bite of this dish and while the sauce was extra creamy I found it a little bit salty for my taste buds.

So in conclusion, while we had a pretty good meal at Ed’s (Yum oyster sliders!!) I will not be running back. The service was a little erratic the whole time we were there and the prices were just a little too high for the amount and quality of food offered.