Dinner at Bohemian

Mr. T’s birthday dinner is usually reserved for a sushi eating throw down in front of the man himself Yasuda. These dinners are always amazing, extravagant, and above all-expensive. I’m sure you could have a great dinner at Yasuda for a reasonable price but we always get carried away sitting in front of him. That’s half the fun actually! Not wanting to hinder that fun factor, we decided to skip Yasuda this year and go somewhere a little more wallet friendly for our budget. Mr. T left the choice up to me so knowing he loves Japanese food I got us a reservation at Bohemian.

Bohemian is a secret little restaurant located in the back of a meat market in NOHO. I couldn’t even call them to make a reservation. I had to email them first, tell them a little bit about myself and then they sent me the secret phone number. Hey- it’s a little crazy but whatever. I kind of dig stuff like this.

Friday night we arrived right at 7:30 for our dinner. The space is small and very serene. I truly didn’t feel like I was in a restaurant but rather a visitor in someone’s home. There’s a koi pond on the side and a big skylight in the middle of the room. Even the chairs are meant for relaxation. They were leaned so far back I believe I could actually take a nap on one if I was so inclined.

We wanted to try a little bit of everything so we decided to go with the $55 tasting menu. Our first course was the Long Island vegetables with fondue.

All I could think of when this dish came out was the circus. Look at all those colors! There were so many different vegetables on this platter I don’t even know where to begin. Carrots, cucumbers, radishes, peppers- you name it – we got it. Everything was incredibly fresh and the cherry tomato was possibly the best tomato I’ve had all year. This all came with a cheesy anchovy fondue sauce perfect for dipping. Mr. T and I both felt like we were back at Blue Hill Stone Barns again, enjoying some veggies right off the farm.

Our next course was Yellowtail and Sea Bass sashimi.

This course wasn’t actually part of the prix fix but something we had added on. The pieces of sashimi were pretty big, almost a little too big for me, but the fish was fresh and had a nice texture.

Our next course Mushroom Croquette with Uni.

Oh my goodness this was so good. I am an uni fan and the fatty rich texture went perfectly with the earthy fried mushroom croquette. Even the mushroom sauce inside the croquette was tasty. I enjoyed every bite of this dish.

Our next course I forgot to snap a picture of for some reason- the cured meats. It was basically a small platter with chorizo, salami and some spicy pork. Now Mr. T and I both felt like we were at Otto. Although I enjoyed the meats I wouldn’t say they were memorable. In fact I kind of wished I had skipped eating that course so I would have more time for the next one the Grilled Branzino with seasonal vegetables.

This dish was enormous. I mean really really huge! There was easily enough food here for four people and it was incredibly good. Each bite of fish was moist and succulent and I think I could have eaten probably my entire half if it weren’t for the delicious vegetables. Whole pieces of garlic, roasted brussel sprouts and zucchini were just a few of my favorite veggies floating around the bottom of the pan. This was so damn good. We were both in heaven eating this dish and couldn’t stop.

Unfortunately we were so stuffed from the fish that we barely ate the next course the Wagyu Beef Sliders.

I’m sure these guys tasted wonderful but I seriously had only one bite and had to call it quits. We asked our server to wrap them up to go because we had both hit a wall at this point. I wasn’t even sure I would be able to handle the dessert course but luckily we had a little time to digest before it arrived- the Sake Panna Cotta.

This was a perfect ending to the meal. It was a small size, not too sweet and came with a really tasty brown sugar sauce to pour on top. They even gave Mr. T a special plate with a candle and Happy Birthday writing without me even asking! How nice.

One last thing that we loved about Bohemia was the beer selection. They didn’t have a lot but almost everything on the menu was something interesting.

Mr. T had a South Hampton Grand Cru and I had some kind of Japanese dark beer that I’ve never heard of before. Since this meal lasted over 2 hours we went through quite a lot of drinks and drinking 10 percent beer starts to take affect after a while. We were pretty tipsy at the end and forgot all about the wagyu beef sliders. I’m kind of mad about that- I’m sure they were spectacular.

The final bill for all that food and multiple tasty drinks including beer, wine and shochu came to right around $200 total. That’s a fantastic deal. Both of us were basically in a food and drink coma at the end but we enjoyed every minute of it. Bohemian was a nice change of pace for the birthday boy.