Two Tasty Treats

I have yet to enjoy a full meal in the dining room at Mailino but the bar has become quite a cozy serene place for a glass of wine and some tasty small bites. We stopped by for some Father’s Day drinks with Mr. T’s parents and enjoyed one of the best appetizer’s I think I have had yet there- the Ricotta Fritta.

Fresh churned ricotta cheese is fried but somehow remained almost impossibly light and airy. Pair that with Mailino’s unbelievably tasty tomato sauce with fresh basil and you have one stellar plate of food. These little balls of cheese just melted in your mouth and changed the way I look at fried cheese sticks forever.

Another little morsel of delight I had last week wasn’t nearly as wonderful but it still was pretty good- a hot dog from the Boat Basin Café.

First of all it looks pretty funny. One lone hot dog in a basket? I think it was supposed to come with potato chips but they forgot. The hot dog was cooked well done just as I like, with some charred bits outside and some really juicy meat on the inside. The bun seemed a little soggy and it didn’t have that super snappy casing I enjoy but for $3.00 it was a decent filling lunch option.

Boat basin has added extra TVs near the bar for the World Cup and showing all the games starting at 10:00 am with sound. We were lucky enough to see the Germany, USA and England games there. Let me tell you something- at least the warm breeze outside made everyone feel a little better when they took that goal away from us.