Cake Truffles at the Milk Bar

I haven’t been to Momofuku in quite a while. In fact, since they stopped selling their amazing cakes by the slice I think I’ve kind of been boycotting them. Then last week something changed. I had been reading Serious Eats when I saw a post about Cake truffles now being available at Momofuku Milk bar. Cake truffles! I was so excited to check them out it was unreal. Unfortunately it was late Monday night so I had to wait until Tuesday and all through a long work day until I could get my fix. It was excruciating. Finally I was zipping off the train and walking inside the bar.

They had about 3 different flavors but with 3 truffles in one bag I thought trying out just two flavors for now was more than enough. I know I have no will power when it come s to sweets so whatever I buy is going to be eaten within seconds. I got one bag of chocolate and one bag of birthday cake.  The chocolate cake truffle looked like a regular chocolate truffle you could buy anywhere. Cocoa powder dusting on the outside and just slightly larger than an average chocolate.

The inside was a much different story. Rich, fudgy, smooth chocolate cake- this was unlike any truffle I’ve ever had! I felt like I was eating a delicious undercooked brownie.

I was completely sold on the idea of cake truffles after the chocolate but then I tried the birthday cake.

I had thought the chocolate truffle was good, but the birthday cake was phenomenal! Growing up my friend and I used to get together to bake cakes using a mix out the box. Usually we would only get partway through the cake making process before a food fight of some sort broke up. We would have batter in our eyes, hair and all over whosever kitchen we choose to be our battleground that day. When I bit into this truffle all of those memories came flooding back to me. It literally had the same exact taste- cake batter. Only this cake batter was better because it was covered in a delicious white chocolate coat of icing. I couldn’t get over how much I loved the taste for these guys. Somehow I managed to save one for Mr. T and he enjoyed them as well but not quite to the level of ecstasy that I did. Whatever- he always has a problem with the Momofuku empire.

I have been dreaming of these little guys ever since and am plotting my next trip back. Oh glorious dessert bar how much I’ve missed you! I’m back Momofuku! I’m back!