Another Terminal 5 Trip

Another flight out of JetBlue’s new Terminal 5 means another stop for some airport food. Thursday we headed out for Buffalo in somewhat rough shape. Mr. T had been working all night- literally. He never got a chance to go to bed the night before and he was running on steam only. I suggested a big piece of protein might help him get through the trip so we stopped into 5ivesteak.

5ivesteak is basically a classic steakhouse inside the airport. They have all the same cuts of meat as a usual steakhouse and all the same prices as well. We weren’t looking to spend a fortunate right before the trip so we ordered the Hanger Steak.

About 15 minutes later our dish arrived. As you can see the steak was cooked perfectly and had the potential to be amazing. However look at all that oil! It was ridiculous. Sometimes a little chimichurri sauce on the plate is nice but this tasted like they just dumped a bottle of olive oil on the plate and called it a day. It was really too bad since the wonderful flavor of the meat was completely masked by this preparation.

So 5ivesteak continues to be hit or miss. It’s really too bad since I love the décor and their wine list is quite extensive and reasonable. I told Mr. T next time we were going somewhere else but for some reason we always end up right back here.