The Best Hangover Food Ever

Sometimes one indulges a wee too much in the pleasures of beer and wine. I like to refer to it as tippling. Tippling defined actually means drinking alcohol in small doses over a long period of time. Hmmm… sometimes those small doses really add up and your tippling leads to toppling. For those mornings when you’ve “toppled” let’s say luckily there a place you can go to cure those hangover blues- Resto.

I’ve written about Resto a bunch before. Its right near my apartment, carries a great selection of Belgian beers and has a fantastic brunch. The one brunch dish I’ve failed to highlight before however is the Hangover Pasta. Yes that’s actually the name and oh so appropriate.

A big bowl of noodles comes out littered with big chunks of Vermont Ham, creamy gruyere cheese, spicy black pepper and topped off with a fried egg. It’s seriously rich and seriously delicious. This dish will coat your stomach in two seconds flat.

Follow it up with a side of crispy bacon and you're set to go. This is obviously not for someone looking for a light meal but if you’ve been tippling and toppling the night before – this dish will make you feel better that’s for sure.

If you're not looking to start your day with pasta there's always the Egg Sammy.

An english muffin stuffed with eggs, gruyere cheese, guanciale and hollandaise sauce. Yes those greens on the plate give it the mask that's it healthy but it's certainly not. How can you go wrong with either of these dishes when your in rough shape?