New Amsterdam Market Returns!

The New Amsterdam Market returned this past Sunday and I made the long trek down to the Seaport in this disgusting hot humid weather. By the time I arrived I was covered in sweat and had to use one of the cheese stand programs to fan myself off for about 15 minutes. I think the weather had deterred a lot of people since the market was looking pretty sparse when I first arrived. That’s good though- more free samples for me!

I walked around and tried out everything. Delicious Mexican chocolate from Taza, fresh baked bread from Balthazar’s and some stinky blue cheese from Berkshire. There were a lot of stands I remember from last year but a few new additions as well.

Saxelby Cheesemongers were grilling up a fantastic looking kimcheeze sandwich (cute name). Unfortunately I hate kimchee so I had to pass but I decided to pick myself up some cheese curds from another stand nearby.

I hadn’t eaten anything yet that day so even after all the free cheese and bread samples I was starving. The lines for Luke’s and Porchetta were pretty long also I stopped by Jimmy’s No 43 stand instead. They were selling mini pulled pork sandwiches.

This was exactly what I needed. I ended up taking off most of the heavy brioche bun but the pork inside was insanely moist, fatty and delicious. For $3 it was a pretty good deal as well.

I hope they plan on adding more stalls as the summer goes on. They weren’t nearly as many wine stands as last year. I was actually hoping Brooklyn Oenology would be there so I could buy one of their artsy bottles but they didn’t appear to have a stand.

However I did enjoy the various cheese tastings and ended up coming home with the curds and a lovely dill chevre from Beltane Farms.

This cheese has so much flavor I’m planning to use it on some grilled summer vegetables and maybe slap it on a chicken sandwich as well. Look at what I went home and made with my cheddar curds:

Poutine!!! Okay it wasn’t as good as the stuff I get in Canada but it was pretty damn tasty. Yay for the return of the New Amsterdam Market!