Summertime is Meant for Steamers

After a long hot day watching World Cup soccer at the Boat Basin I came home to Mr. T who was just finishing up work. Not being able to take the day off and drink beer and watch sports did not make him a happy camper. I knew only one thing would cheer him up- Steamers.

We hopped in a cab and headed down to Pearl Oyster Bar. We put our name in, had a quick drink at Blind Tiger and were seated 20 minutes later at the bar. We always order the same exact thing every time we come here- steamers and a lobster roll.

Here is our large pot of clams. These clams were quite a bit smaller than usual but maybe the season’s a little off. These little buggers are so incredibly tender and delicious. Simply slip off the black part, do a quick bathe in the broth, then a dip in the butter and voila! Seafood perfection! I could happily eat these all day. But then I wouldn’t have room for one of my favorite things ever- the Lobster Roll.

I’ve written about this roll many times so I won’t go into much detail but it was just as good as ever. Big hunking pieces of lobster meat, mayo on top a nicely buttered bun. Can a meal get any better than this?

Apparently it can. I never usually have room for dessert at Pearl but tonight we had split our entrée so suddenly I found a sundae calling my name. The Butterscotch Praline Parfait.

Two scoops of creamy, smooth vanilla ice cream topped with homemade butterscotch sauce and crispy pralines. This sundae is going on my top 10 sundae list for sure. It was one of those desserts that makes you close your eyes upon first bite and feel like the luckiest person in the world for a moment. It was spectacular.

So Pearl continues to be a summer favorite. We had such a good dinner we went back the very next night and did it all over again! Happy Summer!

Pearl Oyster Bar