A Decent Solo Lunch at Blue Water Grill

As you all know I love going out for a solo meal. Lunch is particularly my favorite since there are so many “lunch deals” in this city. However I always do these solo lunches when I have a vacation day. Once the normal workday comes I usually bring something to the office and work right through my lunch hour.  Last week however I had to travel from one office in Brooklyn to one in Manhattan and it happened to be right around lunchtime when I did. I got off in Union Square planning to walk a couple of blocks and pick up a Subway sandwich when I thought to myself. Take a break- eat something different. There are literally a TON of restaurant around right now.  So I did and I headed Blue Water Grill and got a nice table by the bar. It was right around 1:30 and Blue Water grill was packed! I mean really packed! I couldn't get over how many people were there. Apparently most other people don’t work through lunch like me.

They had a great tasting 3 course lunch prix fix for only $24 but I was worried about time. I still didn't want to have a long lunch so instead I opted for the Chicken Cobb Salad.

My friendly waiter started me out with a nice basket of bread with two options of whole wheat or white. The bread was still warm and the whipped butter accompaniment was perfect for spreading.

My Cobb salad came out about 5 minutes later and was enormous! Lots of chicken pieces, bleu cheese, egg, tomato and bacon over a bed of mixed lettuce. I thought it was a pretty good salad but it could have been better. For some reason everything tasted like bacon. I mean everything! And when I dug around I only found one piece? Also I didn’t really care for the Ranch dressing. Next time I would ask if I could change it to Balsamic or something a little lighter.

Overall it was okay. I had more than enough leftover to have it for dinner later that night. The best part of the meal was the atmosphere and service. I love being in a bustling restaurant and this was certainly prime time for Blue Water Grill. Plus my waiter was extremely attentive and friendly. He couldn’t have made me feel any more comfortable. All this and efficient. I was in and out of lunch in under 30 minutes. It was nice just to have a little me time during the day.