Chinatown Cupcakes!

Whenever I go to the Brooklyn Heights office I almost always walk home for some fresh air and exercise. I usually do the same route- across the Brooklyn Bridge, through the courthouses, into Chinatown, Little Italy, over to Bowery and up through the East Village finally to home. I’ve been doing this same route for years now, always on the lookout for new food shops and restaurants along the way. So imagine my surprise when I realize all of this time I had been passing a delicious hidden dessert spot.

Everything Frosted is located right on the edge of Chinatown on short little Mosco Street. I always walk up this street and even stop on occasion to pick up some frozen dumplings directly across from Everything Frosted. How could I not have noticed!

Honestly there’s not much signage and it is up a shady looking flight of stairs, but go to the top and you will be rewarded with a variety of tasty looking treats in a simplistic setting. They had green tea chocolate truffles, white chocolate mouse with strawberries, oatmeal raisin cookies and a ton of different flavored cupcakes. There were so many options I finally narrowed it down to two- Green Tea cake with Black Sesame frosting and a Black Sesame cake with Vanilla frosting.

First of all I’m so glad the box had little cupcake slots. I hate when my cupcakes gets all mashed up while walking and as you can see the frosting on the Green tea with Black Sesame icing started to slide off as it was.

First of all the frosting on each of these cupcakes was extremely light and airy. Much different from the frosting you get with such sugar laden spots like Magnolia and Billy’s, this frosting wasn’t very sweet at all. In fact the frosting tasted very natural. I could seriously taste the flecks of vanilla bean in the vanilla frosting.

The cake part of each one was excellent as well. More like the texture of a muffin with a slightly dense middle and crispy edged top both had quite a unique flavor. The Black Sesame cake had such an earthy, nutty taste it almost bordered on being savory rather than sweet. The Green Tea cake was tasty as well and reminded me a little of my old favorite cupcake from Amai bakery.

These are definitely not your average cupcake and if you prefer the sugar laden version these probably aren’t for you. But if you’re looking for something different, a change from the standard cupcake selection, check out Everything Frosted. They have everything from Mango to Lychee to Strawberry Champagne and Jasmine White Chocolate. I’m so happy I finally noticed this place!

Everything Frosted


Shirley said…
I just read about this place in NY Times. Had to tell my mom, who is still in NY, and I'll have to try them myself next time I'm in town.
Yes, thanks for the tip on how to get to it, would have never found it otherwise.