Some SWEET weekend Updates

OMG it’s the New York City Food and Wine Festival this weekend! I’m going to Meatpacking Uncorked tonight and then I’ll hit up the Grand Tasting tomorrow. I had a great time at both events last year so I’m very excited!

Some SWEET updates for your weekend. I thought I would start with a picture of one of my favorite desserts in the city- the Gramercy Tavern German Chocolate cake.

I was lucky enough to have this cake two nights in a row while my parents were visiting last month. Their pastry chef was just on the Martha Stewert show yesterday making a corn blueberry sundae. I may need to stop in for one of those.

Bespoke has a new item out just for the fall season a Pumpkin Bourbon Chocolate. This is probably my favorite take ever on Pumpkin and Chocolate together. Bespoke only uses the purest ingredients and it shows in the quality of their product. I truly felt like I was biting into a wonderful pumpkin pie. This is even better than their Salted Pretzel Chocolate. You go Bespoke!

One last SWEET update. Magnolia continues to have the best banana pudding in the city IMO. Why people stand in line for their cupcakes and then leave without this masterpiece is beyond me. Maybe Carrie Bradshaw will come to her senses in Sex and the City 2 and get this instead!