The Manhattan Project

We stopped into Blind Tiger Ale House again last Saturday. This is beginning to be a weekend tradition. It’s hard not to stop in when we know they rotate their list so frequently it almost always means trying out a new beer.  This day was no different. We looked at the board and saw Brooklyn Brewery’s new offering the Manhattan Project. This ale was designed by Brooklyn Brewery to taste like an old rye Manhattan cocktail. They aged the beer in 100 proof Rye barrels and then infused it with the flavors of red vermouth and bitters.

Appearance- this beer poured almost black with a red hue on the bottom and no head whatsoever.  Smell- this smelled exactly like a super bready Manhattan with a strong whiskey and cherry scent.

Taste- I was surprised the whiskey flavor of this beer was so smooth. The smell kind of scared me but the actual flavor was quite mellow with a slightly sweet cherry aftertaste.

As the beer settled the cherry hue got stronger and the beer became a little too sweet. The cherry flavor really took over and in the end it was too much for me.

This is definitely a great beer but just not what I’m looking for in taste. I’m not a big Manhattan drinker so the flavor was a little lost on me. However if you like Manhattan’s than this beer is for you. Try and check it out before it’s too late.

Brooklyn Brewery