Keg and Eggs at Resto

Sorry my posting has been a little bit sporadic lately. This post is actually about a brunch we went to two weeks ago. Somehow this got lost in the shuffle of things that was the end of summer.

The second week in September was the 2nd annual NYC Craft Beer week. This is a great time in NYC with tons of beer events, special cask ales and just a celebration of everything beer.

I got an email Friday night from the Belgian restaurant Resto informing me of a Kegs and Eggs brunch they were hosting the next morning

I’ve written about Resto a few times in this blog and I find it to be inconsistent. The dinners I’ve had there have run the gamut from being really good to almost inedible. However I have always enjoyed their brunch and this looked like a good deal so we decided to go.

Here’s the deal as per their email “Resto will serve a traditional English Breakfast - Eggs, Blood Sausage, Heirloom Tomato, English Cheddar, English Muffin and Home Fries served with two draft beers from Ommegang or Ithaca Brewing Company for $20.”

Sounds pretty good right? Plus the Ithaca beer was a special coffee stout brewed specifically for this event. Coffee and beer together equal a match made in heaven.

We got to Resto right around noon on Saturday and the place was packed. We got one of the tables in the front and each started with the Ithaca Eleven Stout.

The first sip was truly like drinking a cup of black coffee. Strong aromas of coffee beans and a little mocha gave this beer quite a nice flavor. After a few more sips the taste mellowed a little and the beer became incredibly drinkable. Sometimes coffee stouts can be too rich but this was light and almost refreshing.

Okay before I even get into the meal, when we placed our order I asked our waiter to describe what exactly came with the meal since I hadn’t looked at the email again. He said bacon, eggs, blood sausage and some kind of fruit. Hmm…fruit...maybe tomato?

Then our meal showed up. Here’s my “Traditional English Breakfast”.

As you see there is obviously no bacon, apparently the enormous Portabella Mushroom took that spot, and the plate looks a little bit sparse compared to most English breakfasts I’ve seen. One egg for me does not constitute a full breakfast.

The little food I did have was pretty good. The egg was cooked well and there was some nice cheddar cheese on the English Muffin. The one puzzling part about this dish was the Blood Sausage. I just had blood sausage a few weeks back at DBGB so when I saw the little ramekin I assumed I knew what I was getting into. However upon tasting said ramekin I only tasted one thing- beans.

Did they put beans in with the blood sausage? Possibly. Did they put beans in instead of the blood sausage? Maybe more likely. I got no sausage flavor at all.

At this point I would have loved to ask our waiter but he was nowhere to be found. After delivering our second beer, the Ommegang Whitte, he seemed to vanish into thin air.

About 20 minutes after we finished our meal, we finally managed to flag down our server and pay the bill. I had really wanted to end my meal with an espresso but I was scared to prolong our departure any further.

Once again I am conflicted about this place. I’ve always had great brunches here before today. Unfortunately I think it was too crowded and not prepared for this special event and the food and service suffered.

I really want to love Resto. They have such great beer, a nice space and it’s so close to my apartment! I’m keeping on my brunch list for now but we’ll see what happens next time.

Resto Website