NYC Food And Wine Festival- Hangover

It was another great Food and Wine Festival weekend. I started it out with the Meatpacking Uncorked on Friday. This year they added some food stations to the event. The best two being the supple rich Wagyu Beef from Debragga paired with a fantastic Malbec and the pork tacos from Los Dados.

OMG those pork tacos were amazing! They filled the tortilla with big chunks of smoked pork and then fried the shell so that it came out like a pork taco egg roll covered in sour cream, avocado and tomatoes. It had to be at least 1000 calories a taco but man it was so worth it.

The best wine places of the night was the sparkling white from the Leo Kesting gallery and the multiple tastings I enjoyed from the clothing store Darling. I had a great time talking with the women there and they had a really cute shop.

The Grand Tasting was Saturday and we once again took full advantage of the fabulous event. This year they had one of our favorite beers flowing- Palm and some of our favorite wineries including La Crema and Grgich Hills Estate.

The best food of the night were the pumpkin cheesecake tarts with pistachio brittle from Olana, the Lemon Crepe Cake from Bar Breton and the Pork Belly BLT that for the life of me I can't remember where it was from! Pork Belly was everywhere it seemed.

I rounded out the weekends events by stopping at the Madison Square Park Mark't. This three week event has a bunch of little shops set up and a ton of food options. Hill Country, Waffle and Dinges, Butter Lane, Suzette, Breezy Hill Orchards, Viking Danish cuisine and Fatty Crab all have a spot.

I decided to make it Fatty Sunday two weekends in a row and got a Fatty Slider from the Crab.

Unfortunately I really didn't enjoy it. The meat was so overly spiced all I could taste was pepper. However I enjoyed my Fatty Rouge Red Ale and just people watched for a while. The sun was on my back and the park was filled with families enjoying the beautiful fall day. The Mark't is open from 11:00 to 8:00 daily. I wish they opened earlier because I would love to start my day with some Stumptown Coffee from Butter Lane. Overall it was a great food weekend.


Anonymous said…
Anyone who comes into Butter Lane and mentions they saw us on your blog gets two for one cupcakes Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays through the month of February. (Limit two per day.) At the end of the month, the blogger with the most mentions wins a dozen cupcakes!

Maria Baugh
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