PB and J from Trader Joes

I was really excited when I noticed a new chocolate treat in trader Joes the other day- their PB & J bar.

The label on the front said it contained milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peas nut butter, raspberry jelly and potato chip crunchies. What!!! Potato Chips! I had to try this out.

I think this might be the first candy bar I’ve ever had that came inside a box rather than a wrapper. This bar is pretty enormous- kind of like a Hungry Man chocolate bar.

Here’s an inside shot. As you can see there are varying layers of Peanut butter and Chocolate on the top with the raspberry jelly on the bottom.

I was expecting to love this candy bar but I didn’t really enjoy it. First of all I never really tasted the potato chip crunchies. Here and there I got a crunch feeling but no salty crunch flavor. The bar was also a little bit too dense for its’ own good. The chocolate coating was very bitter and it seemed to overpower the taste of the other flavors. The peanut butter actually ended up having almost a burnt flavor.

I definitely won’t be running back to get another one of these bars. I’m almost a little glad I didn’t like it. There are so many other sweets in the city that I’m infatuated with. I don’t need anymore.