Luke's Lobster

To kick off the start of College Football Super Saturday Funday we decided to head down to Luke’s and check out the lobster rolls.

Luke’s is a really tiny place on 7th street right near some of my other favorite food spots like Caracas Arepas, Porchetta, Wechsler’s and Abraco. The small store only has about two tables and a couple seats up front for dining. We decided to place our order to go so we could find a more spacious place to eat our food.

Luke’s has a chalkboard menu up front listing their items and the specials for the day. I was surprised to see some of the big meals they advertised like“A Taste of Maine”. It came with three different rolls, a pair of empress claws, chips and a drink all for $20. That’s a pretty good deal. I wasn’t feeling like a huge meal however so I stuck with the standard lobster roll.

Luke’s lobster roll is smaller than Pearl’s but also less money at only $14 a roll. They use the standard buttery toasted hot dog bun and fill the roll with big chunks of meat and little to no mayo.

My first bite of this roll was okay. The meat tasted very fresh and the seasoning on the roll was pleasant enough but it didn’t have the same wow factor for me that the first bite of Pearl’s always does. On my second bite, I ran into a bigger problem. I heard a crunch and pulled a big piece of shell out of the roll. Upon further inspection I found another piece about halfway through the rest. Two pieces of shell is quite unacceptable. I really struggled to enjoy the roll after this and ended up throwing a lot of it out.

My companions had shell free rolls so I guess I just got unlucky. I may give Luke’s another chance but with so many other great food options in the area it probably won’t be again for some time.

Lucky for me I was able to get one of my other great options a smoky, fatty pork sandwich from Prochetta. Yum! Once again pork saves the day!


Anonymous said…
Next time you are on 7th, try the International Bar on 1st between 7th and 8th. Cheap generous drinks and cool bartenders.
Tasty Trekker said…
I love the International Bar! The perfct vibe I look for in a bar. It's especially great when they open the little back in the summer time.