Fika Blueberry Muffin

I absolutely love Fika. You’ve heard me sing its praises many times here on this blog. Recently I have enjoyed my espressos at Abraco and Stumptown a little more than Fika but it still has a big place in my heart.

I stopped by the 28th street location the other day for a quick morning pick-me up and noticed some muffins in the display case. The blueberry one looked absolutely amazing with some kind of creamy, custard like substance actually dripping from the top.

I had to try it out so I took one home for breakfast.

I was so excited to give this muffin a taste and see what that luscious cream was like. It had such a thick beautiful shine to it I had never seen on a muffin before. Mr. T and I each took a bite and then simply looked at each other slightly bewildered.

It was batter. I mean the actually muffin batter used to make the muffin. Now how does this happen? I’ve had undercooked baked goods before where the inside was a little runny but the top? The rest of the muffin was perfectly cooked all the way through. Did they add the batter on top at the end? Is this some sort of strange baking blunder?

I have no idea but neither of us really wanted to finish eating it. I’m pretty sure raw batter sitting out in a display case can attract some pretty nasty bacteria. I just don’t understand how this even happened. I plan to speak with the Barista next time I’m there to find out what kind of cooking method they use. I need to figure this situation out.


Eww. I'm really curious about whether this was intentional or just a mess-up. And, I'd love to know how they handle it. Please let us know.
Tasty Trekker said…
I know- how does a muffin get doughy goo on top if cooked properly? It's usually my weekend espresso stop. I'll let you know what I find out.