Nolita House

It was a rainy and overcast Saturday, the kind of day perfect for a big bowl of steamy rich ramen! Mr. T and I headed down to our favorite ramen place Ippudo to see if we could get a table.

It was only about 1:00 when we arrived but already the line was out the door and the wait was over an hour. We were both starving so waiting around wasn’t an option. Instead we decided to keep walking down to Houston and check out Nolita House.

Nolita House used to be one of our go-to restaurants for a couple of drinks or a casual dinner. I was surprised to see how crowded and lively it was for brunch. Every table was filled and there was a nice pleasant buzz of energy around the room.

Each entrée comes with your choice of Mimosa, Sangria or juice. Of course I went for the best brunch drink in the world- the mimosa.

For my entrée I stuck pretty traditional and got the Brunch plate.

Two scrambled with bacon, French fries, an English muffin and salad. Everything was very tasty and they gave me a least enough food for two people. I kind of wish I had tried something more exciting though. I think the woman next to me ordered the Brick Oven Egg dish and it looked amazing.

Mr. T ordered his usual at Nolita House the Brick Oven Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon. This Macaroni and cheese may be one of the best in the city. They use corkscrew pasta and combine big pieces of bacon with an insanely creamy and rich cheese, then toss it in the oven so the outside gets a nice crispy finish. YUM!!!!

Nolita House was a great back up food destination. Our food was excellent and the service was fast and efficient. They have a Bluegrass band play on the weekends which is fun but it can get loud. Ask for a seat in the back if you want to enjoy some conversation.

Nolita House