More Yankee Stadium Eats

I went to the Yankee game on Tuesday (we realized we had a pair of tickets to the game 20 minutes before it started) and decided to try out the Garlic fries.

Whoa!! These guys are intense! Now I am a garlic lover so when I saw all that luscious chopped up goodness on top I was psyched. I chowed down on some fresh off the top and was quite a happy camper. Then somewhere around bite number four or so the strong taste began to get to me. I started to feel little overwhelmed with the flavor so I dug down below to find some that were plain.

That’s when I realized- there were no plain!! The entire box was uniformly covered in garlic from head to toe. I was a little shocked and both Mr. T and I could not see eating this whole on its’ own. So we decided to do what any food loving couple would do.

We went over to Lobels and ordered one of their Steak sandwiches so we could enjoy the garlic flavor with something a little more substantial. It ended up being awesome.

The first Lobel’s sandwich I had at the stadium had been extremely rare and chewy. This time the meat had been marinating in the sauce for a while and came out tender, juicy and delicious! Put some of the crushed garlic inside under the roll and it was a match made in heaven.

I saw my first Yankee lose in the new stadium that night so thank goodness for the seriously good stadium eats!