Brunch at PS 450

Saturday morning I awoke with the hugest craving for bacon and eggs I’ve ever had in my life. Sometimes I get carvings like this and they won’t go away until the need is met. I actually start to feel a little crazy if it lasts too long.

Anyway- I anxiously awaited the arrival of my other friend and once she got in the city we headed to PS 450 for some brunch.

PS 450 is basically a bar but I heard it had some good brunch specials so I thought we’d try it out. I would love to find a brunch place where I can get some good food and be able to watch some sports on TV.

Walking into PS 450 one of my requirements was met immediately- two plasma TV’s right above the bar. Perfect.

Once we were seated they brought us over a nice little basket of baked goods to start.

Mini muffins, cornbread and biscuits were accompanied by two different jams and some butter.

The biscuits were a little dry but the mini cornbread and muffins really hit the spot. I love it when brunch starts with some free pastries!

Of course I had to order exactly what I was craving Two Eggs Scrambled with Bacon.

Holy Pig Products Batman!!! That’s a lot of Bacon!

I couldn’t believe how much food they gave me. Four slices of toast, eggs and an enormous mound of hash browns. I powered my way through as much as I could but at least half of my plate was leftover.

My dish was nothing special but it was a solid bacon and egg breakfast that completely satisfied my craving.

Other options on the menu included a Cobb Salad.

The lettuce came shredded which my friend loved and with a generous amount of avocado, blue cheese and a crispy fried piece of prosciutto on the top. Unfortunately there was some kind of herb in the salad I didn’t like. It kind of reminded me of cilantro but I’m not sure. There were so many flavors going on in that bowl it was a little overwhelming. It said it came with an herb dressing that might have been the culprit.

However my friend loved it and again the portion was more than generous.

Our third and last dish were the Egg Sandwich Sliders.

Bacon, Egg and Cheese all sandwiched between some mini brioche buns made for quite a nice and filling breakfast. Again the dish was too huge to handle and we were all stuffed at the end.

So the Pros: Good food, TV’s, great service, free muffins, mimosas…WAIT I didn’t even tell you about the best part! The mimosas!

Okay so for each enormous dish you saw, the bread basket and UNLIMTED Bloody Mary’s Bellini’s and Mimosas… it was $20 each.

Now that is a bargain. I think we had about 3 drinks a piece and we could have kept going if we didn’t have plans to be productive that day.

So PS 450 may be one of my new favorite brunch spots. It’s not fancy, don’t come here expecting to be blown away by the food. It’s just good solid food in a laid back setting and lots of drinks!

PS 450