The Quickest One Day Report EVER!

Okay so I recently had a FABULOUS trip back to my hometown where I saw wonderful family and friends and just had a fantastic time in general. During this trip I ate some awesome pizza topped with bacon, goat cheese and spinach. The crust was ultra thin, crispy and there was a lot of garlicky goodness....Need I say more?

I also experienced the largest burger I have ever seen in my life!!! No Really!! This thing was gigantic!! Easily big enough for two people, possibly three. My friend at the whole damn thing. Fries Included. Awesome.

I also pet a llama: (This is the actual Llama)

And did this all drinking tons of wonderful red wine!!!

Whew!!! And that was all just one day of my trip! (BTW the restaurant was Tantalus) The first night in I actually went to a fantastic dinner at a place in Buffalo called Tempo. But that's for another day's review when llamas aren't involved!

I'm off tomorrow but I'll have the laptop on our trip so maybe I'll be able to do some posts from sunny Las Vegas or San Diego!!! I'll keep you updated!!

Until we meet again!