A Little "Me" Time at Aquagrill

Going out to lunch by myself is something I really enjoy doing. I find it sort of...therapeutic I guess.

Unfortunately I usually work right through my lunch break so it's a rare occasion when I can actually go out and enjoy a leisurely lunch.

Well today I did.

I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed I guess and felt like I needed a little time alone. So I took a half day of work and walked into SOHO to find a place in the sun to enjoy lunch.

I was craving a fish sandwich of some sort and went right to Spring Street Natural where I had enjoyed one before.

Unfortunately they only had 2 tables set up outside and they were already filled.

I decided to head west and see if I could find any other outdoor spots.

Well I ended up walking all the way across to 6th avenue to an old standby Aquagrill.

I've been to Aquagrill a bunch of times for dinner or just some oysters and drinks, but this was my first time at lunch.

I was surprised to see the inside dining room virtually empty! Quite a change from the packed, bustling atmosphere that usually greets me at night.

The outside porch had a few more people than inside but I was able to get a table right away. They had a special Cod sandwich on the menu today that sounded right up my alley so I placed my order and they brought over the bread.

They gave me three different types of bread today, all of which were excellent.

The first, and my favorite of the bunch, was the onion focaccia.

The onions had been slightly caramelized giving the top of the bread a sweet moist tang complementing a crisp salty bottom.

Yum!! Sweet n salty all the way baby!

The middle was a long cigar shaped piece of cornbread. As I took a bite I noticed a little kick to it. Upon closer inspection I saw some hues of green which makes me think it was baked with a little jalapeno as well.

The last was your classic ciabatta that was perfect for dipping in the wonderful olive oil they brought.

As usually happens with lunch, my entree arrived about 3 minutes after I ordered it. I never understand how they are able to make everything so quick at lunchtime!

I ordered the Crispy Casco Bay Cod Sandwich.

This was big piece of fish that had been fried and then topped with sun dried tomatoes, red and yellow peppers and baby arugula.

Here's a side view.

Both pieces of bread were grilled and the bottom piece had been slathered in a delicious basil mayonnaise. This really made the sandwich for me.

The peppers and mayonnaise gave it so much flavor. I would have preferred to have my fish grilled rather than fried but that was all they were offering today.

They did substitute the french fries for micro greens though which was nice.

It's good to try and be somewhat healthy right?

Overall it was an excellent meal.

The waitress I had was very nice although I feel as a solo diner I was treated a little bit differently.

For example, I was never told the specials like all of the other guests. My menu was simply placed in front of me and I was told the specials were on the side.

Other patrons around me were given vivid descriptions of each one upon sitting and lots of attention.

And when the check came back for me to sign, my server barely turned towards me to drop it off. The table next to me was ready to order so she slipped the check back to me almost behind her back, so she could take their order.

I thought it would be nice for some eye contact and a thanks but oh well..whatever.

The food was good, I had a lovely spot to people watch. Just what the doctor ordered! And for $13, not too pricey either. Quite a nice way to spend an afternoon indeed.

I have tons of pictures from my Buffalo trip I have to share s well. I hope I can get around to it before I leave for some fun and sun in Vegas!!