Mini Cookies in Brooklyn

I was walking around Brooklyn Heights the other day looking for a new work lunch spot. I always stick to the area right around Montague Street but there’s really nothing that good there.

It was such a gorgeous day out so I decided to wander a little further than usual and wandered right out of Brooklyn Heights. Into what I believe is the Cobble Hill neighborhood (I am so bad about knowing where I am in Brooklyn. That is going to be my New Year’s resolution- pay attention to street signs in boroughs other than Manhattan!)

Well I didn’t actually find a new lunch spot, I stumbled across a cookie and gelato shop called One Girl Cookies.

What caught my eye first was the cute little sign hanging down out front that simply said “Cookies”.

It was so simple. No need for fancy pictures or neon signs.

If you want some cookies- come here.

The whole shop was actually cute. The inside was long and narrow with some boxes of cookies up front and a glass display case in the back that showcased the cookies.

There was also a small wooden bar attached to the side of the counter for tasting as you pleased.

I was greeted warmly by the woman behind the counter and after perusing the items I decided to go for two kinds of cookies.

The classic chocolate chip and the Penelope cookies.

The first one I tried was the chocolate chip.

I was impressed by the texture of the chips first of all. They had retained their silky melty texture even though they had obviously been baked hours ago.

The cookie had a faint hint of anise on the end which I don’t really care for.

I did enjoy the rich buttery flavor of the dough, but I thought the cookie was a little too thick for my tastes.

The only thick chocolate cookie I have ever really enjoyed was at Levain Bakery. Somehow Levain’s stay moist and gooey in the middle and crunchy on top. I have no idea how it happens there. It’s like magic.

I found this cookie was a little too dry in the middle which is why I would have preferred it to be thinner.

Surprising I liked the Penelope cookie much more.

The Penelope is a butter cookie that has apricot preserve middle and a layer of chopped nuts around the outside.

The apricot preserve was so fresh I could have sworn it had been made minutes before.

The nuts were a mixture of almond and walnuts which were ground down so they blended in with the buttery texture of the cookie.

I really liked this cookie. My only complaint was that there wasn’t more apricot and nuts! They were so good I wanted twice as much!

But that’s just me. I always want extra frosting when normal people think it’s too much!

I have a problem overloading with the sugar!!

I would definitely like to go back and check out their other cookies. On the top of the display case they had some homemade whoopee pies!

They were two pieces of the moistest looking pumpkin cake squashed around a thick middle of cream cheese frosting.

Um can you say awesome!!!

I had to use all of my will power to get out of the store without shoving one in my mouth right there.

I mean I just found this place. I can’t eat everything all at once!

I will see you again Pumpkin Whoopie Pie just you wait.

One Girl Cookies


FalnAngel7 said…
Their cookies are amazing! If you go back you have to try the Cecilia (chocolate sandwich cookies with mocha filling) and Lucia (shortbread bar with chocolate and caramel). Got them last year for my birthday and I still dream about them.
Anonymous said…
That place is good. Do yourself a favor, wander a little further into the BK and go to Trois Pommes Patisserie.

Trust me on this one....