Happy Birthday To me

So today is my birthday and I am now officially OLD.

To make matters worse I have been sick since Tuesday, my friends that were supposed to come in from out of town are going to be about 4 hours late, since they are hours late we can't do the dinner I wanted because it will be packed by then and we have tickets to a beer crawl tomorrow and it's supposed to pour all day.

Needless to say I am depressed. I really need to go out and get one of these.

And after lots of these things will look better.

After all, I have a wonderful boyfriend and family and that's all that matters in life right! Now I'm going to get a beer.

A Happy beer :)


FalnAngel7 said…
Happy belated bday! Hope things turned out ok for your weekend and you're feeling better. Love your blog. I've already gone back and read most of this year. Looking forward to drooling vicariously some more.
Anonymous said…
i love your blog!!!!!!!!