Happy Easter!!!

So my Easter wasn't too exciting this year. I woke up on Sunday not feeling well and so we cancelled our family plans.

I had gone down to Black Hound bakery the day before to pick up some nice Easter treats. How cute do these look?

The one on the right is a Meyer Lemon Easter Egg cake and the one on the right is their Spring Strawberries & Cream cake.

I had planned to bring these treats for Mr T's family to enjoy but since we knew we wouldn't see them for a while we decided to enjoy them ourselves late Easter night. And they were fantastic!!

The Egg was filled to the brim with Meyer Lemon filling that was zesty, cool and refreshing. We gobbled this up before I got a shot.

The strawberries and Cream was just as good as the lemon.

Look at those big chunks of strawberry! The cake itself as really moist and light with layers of vanilla cream in between. The white chocolate icing was my favorite part. It wasn't too heavy or sugary and came with some vanilla cake crumbs on the bottom. Yum!!

We devoured both of these. I feel a little bad not sharing with anyone else on Easter but at least it's an excuse for me to return. The people in the bakery couldn't have been nicer yesterday so I am happy to give them more service.

Black Hound