I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good cupcake. Cupcakes always remind me of my youth. I think of birthday parties at school, where parents would send in their kids with frosted delights to celebrate another year. The best part was seeing what kind of cupcakes came in!

Plain old yellow with chocolate frosting..okay

A funfetti cake with raspberry frosting- Awesome!! You would be a super cool kid for a day if your mom sent in something covered in sprinkles or maybe stuffed into an ice cream cone!

I think that's why when I saw these cupcakes I was super excited.

Wow! Look at all those chocolate chips! And could that be...peanut butter icing as well!!! This doesn't look like anything my mom made!

But wait- what's that! A Lime Green Cupcake with Vanilla sprinkles!

This must be the best birthday party ever!

I bite in, expecting a rush of flavor like a Reese's from hell and instead get a bland artificial peanut taste atop an okay cake that needed a little more butter.

The Key Lime Cupcake fared better. The frosting actually tasted like a Key Lime Pie and although the cake was still a little too dry for my tastes the inside had more cream filling.

In a town filled with cupcakes range from super sweet (Magnolias) to pretty but bland (the ones above Crumbs and Cupcake Cafe), my favorite are still at Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

But to be honest those aren't even that great.

I yearn for the days of grade school, of home baked cupcakes that might not always look the greatest but man they were good!

Maybe there's a reason bakeries can never do what Mom did. Maybe it's to remind us that the best things in life are always made with love...and who can do that better than family?

So thank you Crumbs...thank you Magnolia...thank you every other bakery in the city. I will no longer search for the perfect cupcake because I know where the best one already is...home.

Er yeah...I won't be back there for a while though. So if anyone knows of something to fill the void a little until then I'm all ears!!! I just gave up the searching part!


Pitted Pruner said…
That almost brought a tear to my eye...almost.