Lunch at Sushi Yasaka

I'm always on the hunt for quality sushi at an affordable price.  Back in the day I could eat just about anywhere but unfortunately after multiple meals at the greats like HatsuhanaCagen and Sushi Yasuda I just can't go back to the neighborhood  sushi spots anymore.  And although Sugarfish is more affordable and close by the hour long waits continue to be an issue. So last week I headed to the Upper West Side to check out the much talked about Sushi Yasaka.

This tiny little spot located just off the 1, 2, 3 train station is cozy with no frills.  Just a few small tables in the front and an L-shaped sushi bar in back perfect for watching the sushi chefs. I ordered the mini Omakase; that day a chefs selection of Snapper, Yellowtail, Ebi, Bluefish, Otoro, Saba and Toro Roll.

Wow- everything was so fresh!  The otoro melted ever so slightly into the sushi rice, the ebi was delicate and sweet and the toro roll was just perfect.  And all of this fabulous food was only $23.  It's definitely a little far for me to travel every day just for sushi but what a wonderful, wonderful find on the Upper West Side.

Sushi Yasaka
251 West 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023