NYC Street Nuts Bar from Chocolat Moderne

I tend to embarrass myself quite a bit when I'm walking around the city.  I'm klutzy so I trip over things a lot, I'm easily distracted so I also walk into things a lot and I get very excited about things in the moment and tend to scream a lot like I did the other day inside 2Beans when I saw this incredible new delight- the NYC Street Nuts Bar from Chocolat Moderne.

Those sweet and salty caramelized peanut, almond and cashews from the NYC Nuts for Nuts carts enrobed in Chocolat Moderne's rich, creamy milk chocolate. Two of my favorite things combined into one incredible bar!

Of course it would be my favorite chocolatier in the city who came up with this genius concoction. Joan and her crew at Chocolat Moderne never disappoint and this is truly a New York City classic.  

Chocolat Moderne
27 West 20th Suite 904
New York, NY 10010