I was incredibly sad when the elegant Elan closed last year.  I spent so many Sunday's in their front window watching the bustle and buzz of Gramercy go passing by.  I prayed something wonderful would move into the space and something wonderful actually did! Scott Conant's new Italian restaurant Fusco.

We stopped in for dinner Saturday night and my old spot at the front window just happened to be open.  A smooth, silky bottle of Chianti to share and we were off for a fabulous night.

Thick crusty rolls served with freshly churned butter and a beautiful garlic broccoli rabe pesto to begin. This would have been enough carbs for most people but we just couldn't pass up an order of the Stromboli...

... layered with  squares of smoked mozzarella, salami and bright sprigs of rosemary.

Since we did so much carbo loading to start we decided to go light for the mid-course and split the Truffle Pea Cesar appetizer.

This was lovely- fresh peas topped with a truffle cream sauce, caviar and beautiful ball of burrata cheese.  

Of course Mr. T had to order his favorite dish from Scarpetta; the Pasta Pomodore with Scott Conant's signature tomato basil ragu.  These noodles are so square and squiggly they just fill my heart with happiness :)

I ordered the Duck Agnolotti with fresh ceci beans and foie gras.  I was a bit worried this dish might be too heavy but the duck and foie gras were perfectly balanced giving an earthy, satisfying richness to the pasta that was just phenomenal.

We closed out the evening with two espressos served in delicate little teacups.

It was quite honestly a perfect night.  I'm so happy to have Fusco in our neighborhood and look forward to many many more wonderful nights in that fabulous window.

43 East 20th Street
New York, NY 10003