One of the hottest sushi joints out of  California just opened up in the Flatiron district; Sugarfish a casual but trendy spot touting high quality sushi at an affordable price.   The main draw at Sugarfish are the "Trust Me"menus available at both dinner and lunch which give the diner a sampling of menu items designed around portion size; the regular Trust Me for the average diner, the Trust Me Lite for smaller appetites and the Nozawa Trust Me (named for Chef Nozawa) for those with bigger appetites or in this case for a couple who likes to share.  To begin a bowl of Tuna Sashimi.

Sugarfish uses Albacore for its tuna, a cut usually reserved in NYC for sandwiches and salads.  The texture was surprisingly rich and creamy, sprinkled with chopped scallions and brushed with a bit of soy, I would come here for this wonderful dish alone.

Salt dusted organic Edamame to snack on with the sashimi before moving onto the sushi course. First plate Albacore, Salmon and Snapper...

...followed by Yellowtail, Sea Bass and Scallops. 

All of the sushi was incredible due in part to the warm bed of vinegar laced sushi rice.  The warmth of the rice heated the fish just enough to make each bite melt into one luxurious bite.  My only quibble was that the larger cuts of fish and loosely packed rice made it difficult to eat with chopsticks.  This is a much better sushi for picking up with your fingers but unfortunately we were never offered a warm cloth at the start of the meal.

The final portion of the Nozawa menu included a Toro Hand Roll and Blue Crab Hand Roll, each one shaped like a tube rather than a cone with the warmth of the rice again melding the nori and fish together in a way that I enjoyed much more than a regular hand roll.

We added on a cut Tuna Roll in addition to the Trust Me set which was delicious but not as stand out as the previous dishes.

Since Sugarfish rolls the tip right into the cost of the food our total bill for this meal was just $62.50 which is an incredible deal for this quality of omakase.   Of course a place this good is sure to draw a crowd and the waits are long.  My first visit on a Friday night at 5:15 I was quoted a 4 hour 15 minute wait for one person!  My second visit on a rainy Tuesday night at 5:00 was only an hour and a half so head there during inclement weather or plan accordingly.  

33 East 20th Street
New York, NY 10003