Fried Goodness at Masha and The Bear

It's now officially summer which means time for corn on the cob, burgers on the grill and sun kissed pitchers of Iced Tea.  It also means that instead of just the usual Fried Pickles at Masha and The Bear in Brooklyn they now have Fried Watermelon.

The watermelon is chopped into square cubes then deep fried with a spicy outer coating that starts to burn the edges of your lips after just a few bites.

Inside the nugget literally bursts with watermelon juice and provides a cooling component for the spicy crust.

Of course there's regular Fried Pickles on the menu as well for purists but the watermelon are a great new summer twist on an old favorite.

I suggest pairing the watermelon with one of their potent house-made vodkas or a delicious craft beer (with proper glassware) for a spicy summer snack.

771 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211