Brunch at Martin Cooks

Brunch is somewhat of a recent event in Buffalo.  Years ago there were only one or two spots that understood the importance of runny eggs and fruity cocktails on weekend mornings.  However there's been a big shift recently and now lots of new places offer brunch; Martin Cooks being one of the best.

The bright lively space was absolutely packed my last visit.  Luckily my friend Ben has the same feeling as me in these situations- more time for cocktails!!  I started with the Apothecary Reviver made with Rum, Thai Basil, Cucumber and Kale (gotta get those veggies in) before moving onto to  a juicy Blueberry Mojito.

Once seated we had a chance to peruse the menu which changes seasonally. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Spring than a gorgeous bowl Shrimp & Asparagus Risotto.

This dish has everything I could ask for at brunch; ultra creamy risotto, bright slivers of asparagus and a cheesy fried egg on top.  Brunch perfection!  

Unfortunately the MC Classic Burger didn't do as well.  The double patty was topped with way too much stuff- chunky tomato compote, American cheese, lettuce, hot peppers, mac sauce, onions; all of this in between a small, dry bun.  It was impossible to pick up, everything slid around and fell apart.  Hopefully they will remedy this situation with a bigger bun in the future.

One incredible dish, one just so so lots and lots of delicious cocktails.  Still a great way to start the day!

346 Connecticut Street
Buffalo, NY 14213