Edwin & Neal's

Mr.T and I love Upstate Oyster Bar.  The food is fantastic, the small space cozy and inviting plus there's free cake for dessert!  So when the duo opened up sister restaurant Edwin & Neal's right around the corner I knew we had to stop in for a full dinner.

Oysters to begin... a great variety of plump/creamy and small/sweet.  The clams were exactly as clams usually are...kind of gross.  Mr. T's orders them about once every two years firmly declaring his love for the bivalvia then recoiling in disgust after one bite.  I remind him each time but he never listens.  Check back sometime in 2018 for the next clam debate. 

Entrees include more seafood options like crispy fried Fish Tacos with guacamole, grilled Salmon and this incredible Sea Bass lightly seasoned with lemon, herbs and butter. It was light and summery served alongside a creamy corn polenta dusted with brussels sprout.

And a bowl of chubby rigatoni tossed with a Cajun crusted shrimp, shrimp sausage and a light Parmesan sauce.  Upstate always executed fantastic shrimp dishes and this one was just as spot on.  Actually the only small problem we encountered at Edwin & Neals was the slow service.  Our food took a long time to arrive which lead to a few too many Negroni's and Rose's...

...which then lead me into hysterics over this sign.

Honestly I still find it ridiculously funny.  For Upstate food with the added bonus of online reservations Edwin & Neals is a welcome addition to the East Village 'hood.

Edwin and Neal's
345 East 6th Street @East 6th Street
New York, NY 10003