Amy Ruth's

There are some things in life totally worth waiting for- like Amy Ruth's fried chicken.  This place almost always has a line outside but it moves quickly and once inside your immediately given a basket of buttery cornbread to snack on until the real food arrives...

...some of the best fried chicken in the entire city.  Crisp and golden brown on the outside with crunchy nubs around the sweet spots, a seriously juicy middle that releases a puff of steam with the first knife slice jam packed with white meat then drizzled in a sweet layer of honey.

Most people swear by the Chicken and Waffles but the regular honey dipped is where it's at for me. I almost want to bring my Mike's Hot Honey along next time to give the dish a little heat but for now the hot sauce on the table works just as well.  With a side of collard greens, mac and cheese and a frosty Sugar Hill Ale brewed right in Harlem- it just doesn't get any better than this.

Amy Ruth's
113 West 116th Street
New York, NY 10026