Difara's Forever

Years ago I used to work out in Sheepshead Bay about once a month and I absolutely hated it.  The morning commute was long, things of convenience like banks and Duane Reade's were strangely situated avenues apart instead of every street corner and even my excitement of the nearby beach quickly diminished when I found the peaceful spot filled with large Russian men fueled on weekday vodka shots.

But then I found Di Fara's just subway stops away and the perfection of their incredible pies and the love that went into each and every one made me look forward to these trips on the Q train. Everything about the surrounding neighborhood seemed to get brighter.  I started finding cute little bodegas that had much cooler stuff than the boring Duane Reade and even those large Russian men were really quite a friendly bunch (and very open to sharing their vodka).  I stopped working out there about 5 years ago so when the opportunity arose for a random weekday meeting I jumped at the chance to check out the old 'hood and get a slice at my favorite Di Fara's.

The line outside at 12:00 was already about 25 people deep and there was Dom still shuffling back and forth between prepping dough, shifting hot pies in the oven and snipping leaves of fresh basil onto each and every pie.  He may not be moving as fast as he once did but his moves are determined and deliberate; an artistry of creating some of the best pizza in the world from a small mound of dough on a Brooklyn counter top.  

Everything about this pizza was just as I had remembered; the amazing red sauce with beautiful whole tomato, a charred crispy crust with just enough grit to keep your fingers a bit dusty and the glorious smell of basil, olive oil and freshly shredded cheese on top.

This isn't a pizza you just wolf down and go- it's a slice to savor with each and every bite.  In fact everyone around me seemed to realize that from the wide eyed tourists who kept whispering about the incredible crust ("I can't believe we're here") to the fashionistas who popped a bottle of bubbly with their pie from the liquor store across the street.  This may be just a pizza joint or there may just be a little bit of magic going on.

1424 Avenue J at East 15th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230