The Iced Coffee of My Dreams

The title pretty much says it all.  This is the end all be all of Iced Coffee drinks and it can only be found at Gaddy Lane.  This pop up/catering spot is best known for their amazing combination sandwiches like the Weekend Lover with Grilled Eggplant, tamarind BBQ and toasted cashews or the Virtuous Yenta which combines "pastrami spiced" beets, horseradish mayo, cucumber and dill.   But my absolute favorite creation is their Iced Coconut Coffee.

I'm a bit obsessed with coconut in my drinks (coconut flavored stouts especially) so it would only make sense to find this amazing coffee available at Other Half beer releases.  It's rich and frothy with such big bold coconuts notes I have to close my eyes with each sip to ensure nothing else distracts me from that intense creamy flavor.  This little place has actually made waiting in a long line simply delightful- thanks Gabby Lane!

Gaddy Lane