Philly- Pumpkin Restaurant

Mr. T and I trekked to Philadelphia this weekend for two jam packed days of food, beer and basketball to celebrate my brother's birthday.  We arrived Thursday night and headed right to one of Philly's longest running and best known BYOB spots Pumpkin. 

This cozy little place was at the forefront of the farm-to-table movement when it opened 11 years ago and continues to focus on local and seasonal ingredients.  We began with a Dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes and a few appetizers to share; Spanish Rock Octopus with squid ink, citrus and couscous.

Crispy Sweetbreads with spinach, roasted grapes and Yellowfoot mushrooms

Beef Tartare with kohlrabi kimchee and black garlic

I absolutely loved the sweet, funky flavor of the black garlic in the beef tartare while Mr. T foodgasmed over the decadent sweetbreads.  All three of the appetizers were excellent.  We finished the Riesling and moved onto a bottle of Pinot Noir for our entrees.

Teres Major Steak with red wine, confit potato and escarole

Striped Bass with turnip, shiitake mushrooms, bacon and curley cress

The broth for the bass was amazing; the bacon and mushroom created this deep smoky, umami flavor that somehow intensified with each bite.

Dessert was a perfect Sticky Toffee Pudding with coffee ice cream and a chocolate peanut butter Pot De Creme paired with Last Snow; a white chocolate coconut Porter from Funky Buddha Brewery.

Pumpkin was the perfect kickoff to our food weekend.  The tiny space never felt crowded, just comfortable and the food and service were on point.  This is another Philly BYOB gem.

1713 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146