The Bar Room at American Cut

Happy Hours and Hamburgers; two of my favorite things in the world and they both come together in one perfect little package at Marc Forgione's American Cut.   Every day at 4:20 PM American Cut tweets out the number of burgers available in the bar; usually between 10-15 a day. The burgers go fast so getting an early spot is a must which means partaking in their incredible happy hour well.

A menu of $5 wines, half priced Old Fashioned's and a small selection of appetizers including chili lobster Chicken Wings and $1 oysters are available from 5:00- 7:00 each day.

It would be incredibly easy to make a meal of happy hour alone but don't skip out on the off-menu burger. Short rib, brisket and dry aged rib eye are blended together then piled high with beer cheese and bourbon caramelized onions resulting in a  juicy, funky burger that's absolutely incredible. 

The fries are more of an afterthought.  They're long and skinny but lack the crispness of a good fry and come stuffed inside a terrible house-made ketchup (CAN WE PLEASE STOP THE HOUSE-MADE KETCHUP TREND).  But that's okay the burger is more than filling and once those glorious juices start seeping into the big fluffy bun all thoughts about bad ketchup seem like a distant dream.  

The low lighting of the bar area and comfy seats make it a great place for a date or simply an early evening with friends.  Sleek, sexy, delicious and surprisingly affordable; this is the bar room at American Cut.  

363 Greenwich between Franklin & Harrison Street
New York, NY 10013