Philly- Butcher and Singer

Dinner Friday night was at Butcher & Singer a gorgeous steakhouse decked out in the decor of Old Hollywood.  It felt a little bit like dining on the set of Mad Men with big plush booths  and whimsical paintings on the wall of dogs playing poker.

We had been eating all day long so we decided to skip an entire round of appetizers and simply share a salad to start, the only thing green we'd had in the last 24 hours.

Of course a Wedge Salad isn't healthy at all, loaded up with big chunks of blue cheese, egg and squares of bacon; screw healthy this was delicious.

Mr. T ordered the classic Delmonico, perfectly charred with a thick salty crust on the outside and juicy red center.

The Filet Mignon was just as wonderful, not as much outer char but an insanely soft buttery texture that was almost like cutting into a piece of tuna sashimi.

For sides a big bowl of Creamed Spinach (more greens?)...

...and the Stuffed Hash Brown, a HUGE shredded potato with crispy fried exterior and a cheesy melted center.

For dessert we went old school with the classic Baked Alaska; a layer of sponge cake topped with rich banana ice cream and a big toasted meringue.  They even wrote a little birthday message on the plate for my brother.

We were all pretty blown away by Butcher and Singer.  The steaks were fantastic, some of the best we've ever had at a steakhouse and the service and decor were phenomenal. I would happily return here again my next visit to Philadelphia.

1500 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102