Lunch at Till and Sprocket

The Madison Square Garden area is slowly moving away from the food wasteland it once was with places like The Pennsy, Lupulo and now Till and Sprocket popping up with some serious lunch game.  I walked by this place about ten times thinking it was just a cafe but surprisingly they serve a full lunch and dinner menu in a large back area with ample seating for big parties.  

The menu includes an array of house made salads, pizzas and sandwiches like Egg & Avocado, Chicken Melt and this Roast Turkey Breast on sourdough bread. This was packed with thick juicy tomatoes, arugula and melted Swiss cheese then topped with an incredible herb mayo.  It was a bit more expensive than your average deli sandwich, around $10 total, but the fresh artisan ingredients make it completely worth the extra bucks.

Till and Sprocket
140 West 30th Street at 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10001