I hadn't planned on having this delicious Yellowtail Scallion Roll and melty piece of Toro at Hatsuhana.  Honestly it just kind of happened.

I was re-reading Garlic and Sapphires on my way home from work and the review of Kurumazushi had me practically drooling.  I was so excited about her experience I convinced myself that I needed an amazing sushi experience immediately.  My thought process went just like this:

"I need sushi...serious sushi...wait...Oh my goodness...Kurumazushi is still open!!! YAY!!! I'll go there by myself and order the omakase just like in the book!  Sure it might be hundreds of dollars but I really need sushi right now...wait...okay maybe not Kurumazushi...that's a little crazy...yes crazy but what about...Yasuda!! Just a few rolls here and there maybe some unagi and uni at the bar...nothing that's completely outrageous...well actually I'm not even that hungry and Yasuda is still really expensive...maybe just a roll somewhere...yes a roll and a luscious piece of  toro..."

This is seriously the way my brain works.  Luckily my train ride was long enough to hit the "reality" part of my thought process and come to my senses.  Dropping hundreds of dollars for sushi on a rainy Tuesday night dinner alone is not exactly in my budget (however it would be a nice lifestyle).

So I ended up at Hatsuhana for that wonderful sushi you saw above and even contemplated a fantastic looking Ladies Special Set.  As I said before I wasn't even that hungry so the amount I ordered was just perfect but next time the craving hits the Ladies Set looks like the way to go.



Kathy YL Chan said…
that looks AMAZING! we need to schedule a (sushi??) lunch date asap! ^_^
Roze said…
I think that sounds like the best idea I've ever heard! I'll send you a message this week :)