Mr. T and I had some errands to do in Bayridge this weekend so I used it as an excuse to finally try out  Tanoreen.  My Brooklyn coworkers have been telling me for years about this Middle Eastern gem. I specifically remember mention of the Eggplant Napoleon during several discussions...

Two thick slices of crispy breaded eggplant layered with creamy baba ghanouge and tomato basil salata.  Somehow the eggplant stayed completely intact, not a slimy veggie in sight.  It was really a work of art that we completely devoured in about 5 minutes flat.

Crispy Hallumi Cheese is a must order for me when it's on the menu.  This could have been served a bit warmer but the flavor and consistency was still spot on.

The hummus we used mainly as a garnish for stuffing into our pitas when the Mixed Grill arrived. This was just a massive platter filled with ground lamb kabob, marinated lamb and a smoky chicken kabob that had an excellent char to the outside.

We seriously ordered way to much food but everything was so delicious we somehow managed to finish it.  I had been planning to order dessert, all of which come drizzled with some sort of incredible honey and pistachio, but we were just to full.  Seems like a pretty good excuse to get back out to Tanoreen soon anyway.

7523 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209