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My first experience at Bonnie's was a bit disappointing.  The Beef on Weck was right on par with Buffalo standards but the wings seemed dry and overcooked.  I'd heard so much hype about this place I chalked it up to an off night and vowed to return.  Last weekend I finally got a chance to stop in again and let me say they totally redeemed themselves!

These wings were excellent- crisp, snappy casing on the outside, plump juicy meat on the inside.  The sauce was the perfect balance of butter and spice with just enough heat to make your lips tingle.  These were better than some of the wings I've had in Buffalo even.  Add on bonus points for their delicious fries.

These don't look like much but they were skinny and crisp with a spicy chipotle mayo on the side.  So I'm happy to report that Bonnie's Grill does indeed ROCK!  I can't wait to come back here again for another round of wings and weck.

Bonnie's Grill
278 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215