My first experience at Marta was good.  I loved the ultra thin cracker crust and fresh toppings, but really wanted to explore more of the menu.  This time I brought multiple dining companions and had the opportunity to try out much more like these Green Risotto Croquettes.

Each log was filled with rice, mozzarella cheese and herbs then fried until brown and crispy. I was surprised how much just a squeeze of lemon juice brought out the bright flavors of the herbs inside.  There was no need for any other sort of sauce...these were delicious on their own.

The classic Margherita was wonderful; simply seasoned with just a little olive oil and basil.  I actually liked this much better than the Margherita di Bufala from my previous visit.  

But the best pie of the night was easily the Salsiccia topped with Pork Sausage, Cremini Mushroom, Mozzarella and Pecorino.  Everything on this pie just worked creating a gorgeous medley of rich, savory flavors.

For dessert Olive Oil Affogato with Oilo Verde, Honeycomb Candy, Vanilla Gelato, Kumquat and Blood Orange.  It wasn't quite as life changing as the Olive Oil Coppetta from Otto but it was certainly worth the order.

Reservations at Marta are still impossible to find on Opentable but don't give up.  I called the day before and scored a Friday night reservation with no fuss at all.

29 East 29th Street between Park & Madison
New York, NY 10016