There are lots of reasons to dine at East Village hotspot Narcissa.  The delightful vegetable preparations, always so fresh and creative  The trendy scene, a gorgeous room filled with even more gorgeous people and of course the incredible southwestern Narcissa burger.

It’s a big, juicy blend of short rib and brisket from Pat LaFrieda that’s pan fried giving the outer shell an excellent char.  Then it’s topped with a mound of fresh guacamole, manchego cheese and watercress all on top a brioche bun. 

There’s nothing delicate about this burger you just have to dive in and relish in all its' rich messy glory.  Don’t worry about those gorgeous people staring at you from across the room.  They decided to order salads instead of lavishing in these thin, crispy fries that have the perfect salty crunch with each bite. 

And most certainly don’t forget to order a cocktail or two. The Pear Tree with rum, ginger and rosemary is a great savory way to round out the meal.

Narcissa Restaurant
25 Cooper Square (5th & Bowery)
New York, NY 10003