Lunch at Hibino

When I'm having a serious sushi craving in Brooklyn Heights there's only one place I go to- Hibino. The food is always fresh and their lunch specials are some of the best in the city.  In addition to a daily rotating Obento Box with entree choices like Grilled Salmon Collar and Pork Sausage, is their classic Sushi Lunch.

It includes a piping hot bowl of Miso Soup filled with silky strands of tofu...

...and a small green salad dressed with a light ginger vinaigrette and your choice of two rolls. My last visit I tried the Scallion Yellowtail and Spicy Tuna.

I find many spicy tuna rolls are filled with leftover cuts of fish, the mayo covering up the lines of fat giving the roll a gross stringy texture.  At Hibino the roll is filled with a big, fresh square of tuna then topped off with a dollop of extra spicy sauce.  It's so clean and easy...never a gross roll here.

All of this incredible food for only $10.00.  It's really one of the best deals in Brooklyn.

333 Henry Street @Pacific
Brooklyn, NY 11201